The Morrish’s have been frying fish and chips for 75 years. It all started in the corner house at the nearby crossroads. If you leave via the traffic lights you may notice a round window in the corner house on the right – this was for the coal fired frying range’s chimney!

In about 1950, Stuart Morrish, moved the to the current site. After the war, there was a shortage of building materials so a very flimsy takeaway and restaurant building was constructed. But he did not hold back on the cooking equipment. A new state of the art coal fired frying range was installed.

Business soon picked up, so in the early 1950’s, the current owner Barbara Morrish was asked to help. Busy periods would see her rushing to the coal bunkers stoking up the fire under the fryers.

Eventually a gas range was installed making cooking a bit easier and less tiring! In the 70’s, the building was partly rebuilt. The 80’s saw the current restaurant built. Next came the landscaping and leveling of the car park. The upper part was previously a waste site for the neighbours – the tin smelting works. The height of the waste would have concealed the tall trees standing today at the top the car park. Several hundred lorry loads were carried away to be processed for the second time using modern methods at nearby Mount Wellington Tin Mine, now sadly closed.

2010 saw the installation of another state of the art frying range, now with microchips helping control the frying and 2013 saw the building of our new dining area featuring our now famous water wall.

What would Stuart Morrish have said?

Helping run the business today is grandson Nigel Morrish and great grandson Ryan Morrish.

Nigel Morrish – Grandson and Manager

Nigel is known to have an unhealthy fish-fatuation. He is often seen at the early hours of the morning is his luminous waders, trying to get the ‘catch of the day.’ A true enthusiast, he can talk to the fish.

Barbara Morrish – Grandmother

Mother used to work at Morrish’s back in the hay day, but has since retired from working all hours. She still comes in on a regular basis as master fish inspector.

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